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The haunting train

Drawing – Gouache colors and Watercolors

The Haunting Train is my created story about three-dimensional space, flying objects, and liquid monsters. All passengers are loaded on one standard train, depart from the earth and arrive at a magic and mysterious world. Each passenger has a unique skill when they go through the miracle tunnel. The monster's eyeballs watch them while they join the game. As they win the game, they are free to choose one of the doors to return to the earth. Two of the doors would bring passengers to other games.

The downtown building

Drawing – Graphite Pencil

The Downtown Building is a practice two-point perspective assignment. I redraw it from an image by using a ruler and pencil. The hard thing when I did this project was to draw the details of the windows carefully. There are a lot of windows in those buildings. Each of these has many layers. I spent three days completing this project, and I am proud of it.

master copy

Life Drawing – Black Charcoal Pencil on Tone Paper

Master Copy is a project for practicing drawing real-life human body shapes. This project allowed me to redraw one of the great artworks. I picked the artwork of Anton Raphael Mengs because he did show a high level of draftsmanship during the Rococo period. To do this project with the right technique, I need to divide the paper into many small squares like pixel squares of an image. Based on that I could draw precisely where the details were in the original work on my tone paper.

The vase

Painting – Oil on Canvas

The vase was one of my painting projects in class. We had two weeks to finish it. The purpose was to get used to mixing colors and creating an illusion of still life. The hard things are to paint the lip, the handle, and the ribbon. I feel it is like a miracle when the white color can create a reflection of light on the vase and the ribbon. It helps to create an illusion for the objects. The shadow makes us feel it is not a painting, but it is a real vase.

The blue bird

Painting – Oil on Canvas

The Blue Bird is to practice impressionism-style art. I used the brush with a little amount of paint and taped it over and over on the canvas. This creates a thick surface for painting. The size of this one is 6 by 6. Each detail turned much smaller when I painted the bird on this size canvas. It requires a certain meticulousness to create the right depth for the various arrays of the bird.

my spirit animal

Color and 2D design – Acrylic Paint on Illustration Board

My Spirit Animal is a unique and challenging final project. I needed to pick one animal to represent my pride and personality. I selected the peacock and turned myself into a part of it. I love the elegance of this animal. This animal brings valuable meaning to Asian cultures. This work implies that I cherish the precious moments that I have when I create art as a designer.

Mid-autumn festival

Color and 2D Design – Cutting Papers

Mid–Autumn Festival is China and Vietnam's festival which take place in September every year. The purpose of this project is to practice using negative and positive spaces. I am allowed to choose three objects only. The lantern is the symbol and spirit of this festival, so I cannot miss this object. Snow White is one of the famous characters that all children love. The butterfly emphasizes the brief beautiful moment of this festival. During the time I worked on this project, the tricky thing was that I needed to overlap the illustration to create a complicated but still recognizable in the middle part of the art. I think that I did a good job for that part.

The rotten

Ceramic – Handbuilding – Clay

The story behind this project is about polluting our environment. The rotten hand is an image of the earth and each of us when we live in the pollute environment. For the technique, I used slab method to create a rusty sharp iron. I use coil building method to create the whole hand. On the palm, there is an eye. It represents for the warning message that I would like to convey in the meaning of this project.

Charlie Chaplin

Screen Printing

Charlie Chaplin is a beginning project in the Screen Printing course. I picked this character because I loved to see his movies when I was a little girl. I am allowed to select five colors but not limited to that. The technique is to brush from the lightest colors to the darkest colors. The purpose of that technique is to overlap the darkest colors to the light colors to avoid the white gap between object and object.

sherlock holmes

Screen Printing

Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite movies. I love the detective genre. The mystery pulls me into the journey of finding the truth about what happened. As the same request for the Charlie Chaplin project, the limited colors and the brush technique were applied for this project also. For this project, two colors such as yellow and black, were used two times.

The Love from The Past

Screen Printing

The project is one of the special projects that I did. This is about a created poem I wrote many years ago. It is a sad love about a woman who lost her lover. She keeps dreaming about him every night. She cannot let him go. Some colors in this art have their meaning. The pink color represents happy moments. The dark red means the sadness when they broke up. The yellow means the betrayed acts. Purple is loyal to love.

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