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about Me

Having a good eye for design is a precious present to being a professional graphic designer.

My name is An.

I began my design career with an interest in the fine arts, studying at both Golden West and Laurel Ridge community college before earning my associate's. My fine arts background along with my Vietnamese heritage allows me to bring a unique perspective to the design process, as I draw inspiration from a variety of places. I went on to earn a BFA in graphic design from James Madison University and graduated with a 4.0.

In addition to my collegiate experience, I also have several years of working experience. Beginning in 2013, I volunteered to work for the Information Technology Club as well as the Media Group in Vietnam. While there, I gained insight into how design is integrated into technology. A few years later I began pursuing my professional graphic design career by moving from Vietnam to the U.S. and starting a job at my alma maters. At Laurel Ridge, I worked in the Human Resources department, which provided me the opportunity to gain perspective on communication and how essential elements of design work can be. At JMU, I worked as a designer for Student Affairs Communication and Marketing. I assisted on a wide range of projects, gaining experience in a variety of areas such as client communication, the adobe suite, team collaboration, social graphics, print materials, time management and more.

Overall, I am a hardworking, detail-oriented, creative individual that would love the opportunity to speak more and demonstrate my skills as a designer. I promise to bring a creative, professional, and diverse perspective to your projects.

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